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Dinner Menu


$12.99Tuna Poke

Sushi grade served with seaweed salad, chili garlic marinade, scallions, & sesame seeds

$4.99Sunset Spicy Fries

Basket of fries tossed in Old Bay seasoning Add cheese $2.50 Bacon and cheese $4.50

$12.997 Mile Lobster Bites

Deep fried chunks of Florida Lobster with our Honey-Ginger sauce

$14.99Shrimp & Tuna Ceviche

Marinated with tomato, cilantro, peppers, onion, lime juice & tortilla chips

$11.99Scooby Snacks

Blue crab claws in a garlic butter wine sauce

$9.99Mango Mahi-Mahi

Strips of panko encrusted mahi served with our mango chili sauce

$7.99Mozzarella Sticks

Golden fried cheese sticks with marinara

$7.99Hot Wings

Seven or so large chicken wings with our traditional hot sauce!

$11.99Sunset BBQ Ribs

Appetizer rack of baby back ribs glazed with our special barbecue sauce

$9.99Chilled Shrimp with Avocado Salsa

Local shrimp chilled and peeled with homemade avocado salsa

$9.99Conch Fritters

Our own island recipe with Jamaican conch served with our Sriracha/Pickled Ginger sauce

$9.99Jerk Chicken Wings

Seven or so large Jamaican jerked wings with our calypso BBQ sauce

$8.99Calypso Calamari

Fried calamari rings with a Caribbean sweet curry dipping sauce

$10.99Caribbean Coconut Shrimp

Hand battered coconut shrimp lightly fried served with our original coconut rum sauce

$6.99Onion Straws

Basket of deep fried breaded onion strips served with spicy ranch sauce

$9.99Clams Casino

Middlenecks topped with bacon seasoned stuffing

$13.99Oyster St. Thomas

Baked oysters with lobster mushroom filling topped with hollandaise

$8.99Smoked Fish Dip

Our own secret recipe with crackers

$12.99Chilled Crab Dip

Backfin crabmeat seasoned in cream cheese dip served with assorted crackers

$12.99Crab Mango Stack

Fresh blue crab atop a stack of fresh mango, jalapeno, red bell peppers, red onion w/ caper garlic remoulade

$6.99Chili Con Queso Dip

Homemade tortilla chips and homemade queso dip. Add beef, chicken, or pork $3

$9.99Boom Boom Shrimp

Fried breaded shrimp in our creamy sweet chili
Asian sauce and side of ranch

$5.99Parmesan Truffle Fries

Cone of fries with truffle oil and fresh parmesan

Salads & Award Winning Chowders

$12.99Curry Chicken Salad

All white meat chicken tossed with apples and raisins in sweet curry dressing atop our house salad

$6.99House Salad

Fresh greens, with cucumbers, baby carrots, mushrooms & cherry tomatoes with choice of raspberry vinaigrette, ranch pepper parmesan or blue cheese

$8.99Caesar Salad

Fresh tossed romaine served with our homemade dressing, croutons & grated parmesan cheese

$14.99Cobb Salad

Grilled chicken, eggs, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, bleu cheese, green onion & choice of dressing

$16.99Capt Calamari Salad

Fresh Caesar salad topped with fried calamari

$17.99Seared Ahi Tuna Salad

Seared Ahi Tuna steak (rare only) over a bed of fresh greens with red bell peppers, cucumber, avocado, mango, pickled ginger, and cherry tomatoes with sesame-ginger dressing

Salad Additions

Grilled Chicken $5.00 / Grilled Shrimp $7.00 / Grilled Fish $8-$14.00 / Blackened Fish add $1

Conch Chowder

Bahamian recipe - tomato based with veggies and Jamaican broth / Cup $4.99 / Bowl $6.99

Clam Chowder

The best! Incredibly tasty, creamy-style and loaded with chopped clams. 1995 1st Place - Outer Banks 1st Annual Chowder Cook-off / Cup $4.99 / Bowl $6.99

She Crab Soup

Made from delectable blue crab in a full-bodied creamy bisque / Cup $4.99 / Bowl $6.99

Raw and Steam Bar

Eating raw oysters. clams or mussels may cause severe illness. People with the following conditions are at especially high risk: liver disease, alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, stomach or blood disorder. or weakened immune system. Ask your doctor if you are unsure of your risk. If you eat shellfish and become sick. see a doctor immediately


Steamed or Raw / Half Doz $8.99 / Full Doz $13.99


Steamed, spiced, ready to peel / 1/2 lb $11.99 / 1lb $23.99

$42.99King Crab Legs


Snow Crab Legs

1/2 lb $12.99 / 1 lb $24.99


Middlenecks steamed or raw / Half Doz $7.99 / Full Doz $12.99

Stone Crab Claws

1/2 lb - Market Price / 1 lb - Market Price

$14.99Combo #1

3 clams, 3 Oysters and 1/4 lb Shrimp

$26.99Combo #2

3 Clams, 3 Oysters, 1/2 lb Snow Crab Legs and 1/4 lb Shrimp

$54.99Combo #3

3 Clams, 3 Oysters, 1lb King Crab Legs and 1/4 lb Shrimp

Dinner Entrees

$19.99Island Chicken

Chimichurri chicken breast over a fire roasted tomato coulis topped with a papaya black bean salsa with coconut rice

$29.99Tuna Oscar

Yellowfin Tuna topped with lump crab, asparagus spears and homemade hollandaise

$34.99Filet Mignon

8oz tenderloin filet wrapped in applewood smoked bacon & served atop homemade demi-glace

$29.99Blackened Hogfish Pico de Gallo

Filet topped with fresh pico de gallo with rice and veggies

$21.99Sunset Baby Back Ribs

Full rack of tender baby back ribs smothered in tangy BBQ sauce

$24.99Crab Au Gratin

Fresh jumbo lump crab & backfin crabmeat naked in a rich parmesan cheese sauce

$29.99Grilled Florida Lobster Tail

Grilled Florida Lobster served with drawn butter, rice & black beans

$17.99Linguine Alfredo

Linguine tossed in homemade Alfredo sauce finished with Parmesan / Add chicken $4.00 / Shrimp $7.00 / Lobster $9.00

$29.99Coconut Curry Lobster

Cold water lobster medallions, sauteed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, coconut milk, curry and cream

$26.99NY Strip Burgundy

Char-grilled NY strip with a red wine mushroom garlic reduction

$24.99Crab Cake Dinner

Two sauteed cakes of fresh local backfin crabmeat topped with mild mango chili sauce

$26.99Basil Pesto Mahi-Mahi

Baked basil pesto crusted Mahi with tomatoes and fresh parmesan with rice and veggies

$29.99Shipwreck Grouper

Blackened gulf grouper topped with a key-lime banana sauce, rice & veggies

$24.99Prime Rib

Our slow roasted juicy prime rib cooked to temperature with au jus

Catch of the Day

Choice of grilled with potatoes & veggies or blackened ($1 extra) with rice and beans / Market Price

$54.99Sunset Surf & Turf

8oz filet mignon and 8oz Florida lobster tail

$21.99Sweet Bourbon Beef Tips

Filet tenderloin medallions in a sweet bourbon glaze over coconut rice and vegetables

$27.99Broiled Seafood Trio

Shrimp, Crab, & Scallops broiled in butter with Key West spices

$24.99Caribbean Seafood Paella

Shrimp, scallops, lobster, and clams with chorizo sausage, with saffron, curry and veggies over rice

$27.99Dolphin Jalamango

Fresh local mahi-mahi chargrilled with jerk seasoning over coconut rice with black beans and mango salsa

$24.99Lump Blue Crab Mac & Cheese

Fresh lump crab, smoked bacon, & caramelized shallots in a creamy four-cheese sauce

$22.99Caribbean Coconut Shrimp

Lightly fried atop our coconut rum sauce with coconut rice and vegetables

$24.99Spicy Shrimp and Chicken Penne

Sauteed Shrimp and chicken with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli in a spicy cream sauce

$15.99Cook Your Catch

Grilled, Blackened, or Fried with your choice of sides (1lb per person)

$29.99Volcano Snapper

Yellowtail topped with our baked crab and scallop creamy topping with rice and veggies

$29.99Hogfish Martinique

Fresh hog snapper baked with a warm fresh topping of tomatoes, capers, olive oil, lemon, shallots, garlic, and fresh basil with coconut rice and vegetable medley

$24.99Spicy Sauteed Seafood Combo

Tuna, Shrimp, and lobster sauteed in a chili garlic sauce over coconut rice

Fried Seafood Dinners

$19.99Fried Shrimp

Large lightly breaded shrimp fried golden brown

$25.99Fried Lobster

Jumbo fried with our cocktail sauce

$21.99Fried Oysters

Fresh lightly breaded seaside oysters

$24.99Fried Yellowtail

Panko encrusted local yellowtail filet

$26.99Fried Scallops

Fresh ocean scallops battered and fried to perfection

$22.99Fried Dolphin

Fresh Florida mahi-mahi panko encrusted

Sunset Burgers

$9.99Cheeseburger in Paradise

Char-grilled with choice of cheddar, Swiss, pepper-jack, smoked gouda or brie

$16.99Big Wave Burger

A Tsunami of flavor. Grilled an topped with Mojo Pork, Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce, Onion Straws & choice of cheese on a Pretzel Roll

$13.99South of the Border Burger

Char-grilled and topped with pickled red onions, pickled jalapenos, avocado, pepper-jack cheese with cilantro-lime sour cream

Build a Burger Toppings

Sauteed Onions $1.50 / Bacon $1.75 / BBQ Sauce $1.00 / Mushrooms $1.50 / Backfin Crab $4.00 / Avocado $1.75 / Black Beans $1.00 / Cajun Seasoning $1.00 / Jerk Seasoning $1.00 / Pretzel Roll $1.50

$16.997 Mile Hogfish Sandwich

Our Signature Sandwich! Fried Hog Snapper with sauteed onions, mushrooms, sweet and smokey chipotle aioli & smoked gouda cheese on Cuban bread

Sushi Menu - Appetizers


$12.99Tuna Tataki

$14.99Tuna Tartare

$4.99Ginger Salad

$5.99Seaweed Salad

$11.99Spicy Tuna Salad

$11.99Spicy Shrimp Salad

$12.99Spicy Conch Salad




$4.99Miso Soup

$4.99Sushi Rice

Sushi Menu - Nigiri Sashimi





$4.50Ebi/Cooked Shrimp





$19.99Sushi Sampler

8 pcs of Sashimi or Nigiri (2 ea)

$24.99Nigiri Dinner

10pcs Nigiri (2ea), Miso Soup, Ginger Salad

$24.99Sashimi Dinner

10pcs Sashimi (2ea), Miso Soup, Ginger Salad

Sushi Menu - Sunset Signature Rolls

$14.99Sunset Roll

Kani, avocado, masago, topped with tuna & salmon

$17.997 Mile Roll

Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeno masago, topped with tuna and spicy mayo

$18.99Crab Deluxe Roll

King & Snow Crab, asparagus, avocado, spicy mayo

$18.99Mile Marker Roll

Tempura Shrimp, Crab salad, Avocado, topped with tuna salmon eel sauce red tobiko

$14.99Atlantis Roll

Fried Mahi, cream cheese, avocado, onion straw, topped with spicy mayo & teriyaki sauce

$17.99Sombrero Roll

Blackened tuna, jalapeno, avocado, cucumber, topped with crab, mayo, Asian sesame sauce, masago

$17.99Tsunami Roll

Crunchy salmon, avocado, topped with spicy crab, mayo, caviar

$16.99Red Sky Roll

Tempura shrimp, avocado, asparagus, topped with spicy tuna, caviar, scallion, tempura crunch

$17.99Key West Roll

Shrimp, crab, cream cheese, cucumber, topped with lobster, caviar, mayo, scallion, tempura crunch

$17.99Sombrero Reef Roll

Double crispy Tempura Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, topped with Tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce, red tobiko

$19.99Matecumbe Roll

Ebi shrimp, king crab, mayo, jalapeno, avocado, cucumber, topped with tuna, eel sauce, black and red tobiko

$14.99Fusion Roll

Coconut shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, onion straws, topped with mayo & sweet chili sauce

$17.99Key Largo Roll

Crab salad, avocado, cucumber, mayo, masago, topped with salmon, eel sauce, red tobiko

$19.99Godzilla Roll

Tempura shrimp, King Crab, cream cheese, asparagus, masago, topped with spicy mayo

$16.99Spider Man Roll

Soft crab, scallion, cream cheese, avocado, topped with Tuna & a web of spicy mayo

$16.99Crabby Coconut Roll

Coconut Shrimp, Kani, pineapple, mango, cilantro, cream cheese, mango chili sauce

$17.99Fishbones Roll

Salmon, Whitefish, cilantro, avocado, jalapenos, cream cheese, topped with tuna, spicy mayo, kimchee, tobiko

$17.99Everglades Roll

Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, masago, topped with crab, onion tanglers, spicy mayo and eel sauce

$18.99Marathon Roll

Fried Lobster, cream cheese, avocado, asparagus, masago, topped with Tuna. tobiko, eel & mango sauce

$18.99Marquesas Roll

Tempura Shrimp, creamy lobster, avocado, masago, topped with Tuna, chipotle, katzu sauce & red tobiko

Sushi Menu - Sushi Rolls

$5.99Tuna Roll

$6.99Spicy Tuna Roll

$18.99Flagler Roll

$9.99Dynamite Roll

$9.99California Roll

$9.99Philadelphia Roll

$9.99Tempura Shrimp Roll

$14.99Drunken Eel Roll

$9.99Veggie Roll

$16.99Dragon Roll

$14.99Ranchero Roll

$12.99Red Hot Mama Roll

$19.99Langosta Roll

$17.99Crab Shack Roll

$19.99Lighthouse Roll

$18.99Islamorada Roll

$16.99Green Flash Roll

$18.99Tortuga Roll

$18.99Volcano Roll

$9.99Spicy Conch Roll

$16.99Offshore Roll

$18.99Knights Key Roll

$16.99Spicy Crab Roll

$18.99Gulf Stream Roll

$13.99Rainbow Roll

$12.99Alaskan Roll

$14.99Spider Roll

$15.99Florida Keys Roll

Sushi Menu - Hand Rolls

Soy Paper available upon Request

$7.99Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

$8.99Conch Salmon Hand Roll

$7.99Spicy Salmon Hand Roll

$9.99Tempura Ebi Hand Roll

$11.99King Crab Hand Roll

Kids Meals

12 & under

$7.99Kids Chicken Tenders

Strips of chicken breast & your choice of applesauce or fries

$7.99Kids Popcorn Shrimp

Breaded popcorn shrimp & your choice of applesauce or fries

$6.99Kids Pasta Marinara

Bowl of linguine and red sauce

$6.99Kids Mac & Cheese

Kids all-time favorite

$6.99Kids Grilled Cheese

Kids cheddar favorite & fries

$7.99Kids Ham & Cheese

Pressed ham and cheddar with fries

Desserts & Coffees

$5.99Key Lime Pie

Homemade with Florida Key Limes

$6.99Snickers Pie

Roasted peanuts, caramel & chocolate

$6.99Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Traditional vanilla bean creme, baked with cream cheese cake in a graham cracker crust topped with delicate brulee

$7.99Sunset Chocolate Bomb

White & dark chocolate mousse & chocolate ganache coating

$9.99Chocolate Banana Martini

Banana Liqueur, Kahlua, Chocolate Syrup, Banana and Milk

$8.99Caribbean Coffee

Spiced Rum, Kahlua, Whipped Cream Vodka, Coffee topped with whipped cream

$8.997 Mile Mudslide

Baileys, Chocolate Syrup, Whipped Cream Vodka, Kahlua & Ice Cream

$9.99Cuban Martini

Kahlua, Amaretto, Coconut Rum and Vanilla Vodka

Cuban Coffee & Cafe con Leche

$2.00 / $3.00